Thursday, 25 August 2016

Royal Weddings: Mother of the Groom, Queen Sonja

Queen Sonja in her emerald tiara - she wore it at her son's wedding in 2001 as well

Did a queen ever look more majestic on her son's wedding day? Sonja of Norway pulled out all the steps for the marriage of her son, and the heir to the country's throne, on August 25th 2001. She appeared in an unforgettable green gala gown but then when you've got perhaps the best set of emeralds on the continent to wear, why would you go for any other colour?

Sonja looked simply spectacular at the royal wedding of 2001. With royals from across Europe in attendance and a massive media interest in the young couple saying 'I do' this was one of the big marriages of the century and the mother of the groom more than lived up to the billing.

Queen Sonja chose a full length emerald green dress with flared skirt which worked round into a semi bustle and then expanded out into a mini train. Yes, a mini train. All royal weddings need a train and when the mother of the groom wears one too you know this is a big, big deal.

This was one of the first royal weddings to be played out on the internet which message boards and websites carrying photos almost instantaneously and Sonja, like all experienced consorts knew what that meant - lots of pictures and a dress that impresses from every angle. So the top is standout. The squared off sweetheart neckline suits Sonja to perfection, it's one of her go tos and we can all see why. The trim added definition but it was the dramatic sleeves that really set this dress apart.

Huge doesn't come close to describing them, they almost needed bridesmaids of their own. A touch of medieval, a touch of modern, a touch of sparkle and you have the ultimate regal offset to a wedding outfit. These sleeves worked and then some. From the elegant sweep while walking to the standout silhouette while still, these added a sense of grandeur to every photo and there were a lot of photos.

And if you're wearing emerald green then what else can you do but add one of the most stunning sets of emeralds in Europe? The Norwegian Emerald Parure is a knock em out, get them back up and then knock them out all over again collection of jewels. The terrific tiara, grand necklace and glittering earrings made sure that Sonja stunned on her son's wedding day.

This is royal mother of the groom dressing at its very best. Aware that the world was watching, Sonja was more than ready for her close up. This outfit is elegant, dramatic and made for a queen. Wedding perfection.

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