Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Mary in Greenland

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is visiting Greenland for three days
(photo Mary Foundation press release)

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark has headed to Greenland for a three day visit. She's there with the Mary Foundation and part of the reason for her visit is to take part in a conference on domestic violence. And as we've come to expect from Mary in recent times, she's not been afraid to tackle a tricky subject head on.

The Crown Princess of Denmark started before she'd even left by posting a video on the Danish Royal Household's Facebook page and the Mary Foundation Facebook page about the conference and its aims as well as her own part in the event.

Crown Princess Mary meets some of hte children at the day care centre in Nuuk that she visited at the start of her three fay trip to Greeland
(photo Mary Foundation press release)
But the visit to Greenland is also about many of the issues tackled by the Mary Foundation. There have been several high profile anti bullying campaigns spearheaded by the Crown Princess and at the start of her three days in Greenland, Mary headed to an  integrated day care programme for children in Nuuk where she heard how the young people there use the free of bullying project in every day life. Later in the day, Mary visited a shelter in Nuuk and met some of the residents and workers there.
The following day, Mary made the keynote address at the opening session of the conference on domestic violence which is focused on the shared responsibility of tackling this major issue. Mary told her audience that violence against women is one of the greatest crimes in the world today  She added that everyone knew violence took place and that it was wrong but that it still continued. And she said that talking about the violence, acknowledging it took place, is one way to ensure that it stops. Her speech has already won praise and has shown again the commitment Mary has for issues that can sometimes be difficult but which need so much attention.

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