Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Three sisters in the footsteps of their parents

The three daughters of King Frederik and Queen Ingrid of Denmark enjoy their summer holidays togeher
(photo det danskekongehuset Instagram)

Two queens, one princess - three daughters. Eight decades ago Frederik and Ingrid of Denmark introduced the tradition of summer holidays at Grasten Castle. All these years on their three girls are enjoying some sun filled days there and smelling the roses. They might be royal but there's still nothing like a family holiday.

Margrethe, Anne-Marie and Benedikte enjoy a summer for sisters at Grasten
(photo det Danske Konghuset Facebook)

Margrethe II, Queen of Denmark and the second longest reigning monarch in Europe is hostess this week as her two younger sisters join her at Grasten.  Anne-Marie, the youngest of them all who became Queen of Greece in 1964, and middle daughter, Benedikte, Princess of Denmark toured the rose gardens alongside her for a set of images shared by the Danish Royal House.

Grasten Castle was in private ownership for several centuries before it was acquired by the Danish state. Frederik and Ingrid, while still Crown Prince and Princess of Denmark, fell in love with the castle, which is in Jutland, and began to holiday there. Margrethe continues the tradition today, arriving there in July for her summer break. This year she and her sisters wanted to celebrate the fact that their parents enjoyed Grasten so much and began summer holidays that continue to this day. Two queens, one princess, three sisters - in the footsteps of their parents.

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