Sunday, 14 August 2016

Kate's message for mums and dads

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have carried out a high profile campaign on mental health issues
(photo UK in India via Flickr)

The Duchess of Cambridge has taken her campaign on mental health to mums and dads. Kate has publicly given her support to a series of podcasts by the Anna Freud Centre which are focused on helping parents understand mental health problems in children. And she's drawn on her own experience of motherhood to help underline her message.

The podcasts will feature different areas of mental health care for children with advice, tips and support for anyone experiencing the issues involved or concerned that they might affect their families. The Duchess of Cambridge voiced her support for them with a statement urging parents to get help for mental health problems in their families and saying, again, that she wouldn't hesitate to ask for support if she felt either George or Charlotte needed it.

The Duchess of Cambridge said, in a statement, that ''no parent would fail to call the doctor is their child developed a fever, yet some children are tackling tough times without the support that can help them because the adults in their life are scared to ask''.  Kate referred to research that showed one in three adults still say they would be 'embarrassed' to ask for help if they felt their child had mental health issues and said that her work in the field of mental health organisations had showed her that the best thing that can happen for children who need support is that the assistance they require is given to them as early as possible.

The podcasts are available from Anna Freud on iTunes and Soundcloud. Kate has described them as excellent and urged parents and guardians to listen as many of the steps that can be taken to offer help are simple and can involve the whole family. And by giving her backing to this important area of children's health, the Duchess of Cambridge has underlined the importance that she places on mental health issues as her campaign in that area goes on.

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