Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Summer starts as the Queen is Balmoral bound

The Queen arrives at Balmoral to start her summer holiday
(photo The Army in Scotland Twitter)

That's it, everyone. Summer is actually and most definitely here. The Queen has arrived at Balmoral with enough clothes to see her through for two months. It's holiday time.

The start of her summer break was a bit more formal than the average. While most of us make do with throwing the suitcases out of the car and into a room with the promise of unpacking later, the Queen inspected a Guard of Honour, met a regimental mascot and enjoyed a spot of pipe band music.

The Queen inspects a Guard of Honour on her arrival at Balmoral 
(photo The Army in Scotland Twitter)

There is, of course, no dressing down on royal arrivals and the Queen started her break in a cream tweed two piece suit with matching hat. The smile said she was very happy to be on holiday.

The Queen returns from Balmoral in October - it's not yet known which members of the Royal Family will join her there during the coming weeks. But one thing is sure. The Queen is in Scotland and summer has well and truly started.

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