Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Royal Rio 2016: Willem-Alexander and Maxima get into the party spirit


King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands adds another snap to his Rio album
(photo Team NL Twitter)

Princess Anne has competition. The royal moment of the Rio Olympics, so far, has been her double act in the making with Andy Murray as they messed around at the official photocall for Team GB. But Queen Maxima of the Netherlands is in Brazil now and she's hitting her stride. And no one does royal celebrations quite like Maxima.

The King and Queen of the Netherlands and their three daughters had begun their family time in Rio with a little light sailing and some genteel cheering from the sidelines. After a couple of days to settle into the Olympics groove, they were well away.

Their latest appearance started with some very excited support for their country's gymnast, Sanne Wevers, with Amalia, Alexia and Ariane getting into the royal groove and turning out in total orange.

Dad went for the family colour as well while mum had a very large orange scarf over her very on trend and rather pretty embroidered summer dress.

There were cheers, there were smiles, there were more cheers and then there was a gold medal at which point the Dutch Royal Family couldn't contain themselves anymore and joined the celebrations with gusto.

Then it was off to meet the medal winner and Willem-Alexander, Maxima and their girls all celebrated with Sanne Wevers. It was a happy moment for the royals who have clearly loved every second of Rio so far.

Things were a little more sedate later on when mum and dad, now both in total orange, headed to a hockey match between the Netherlands and Maxima's home nation of Argentina. But this royal Rio showing on day 10 indicates there are some Olympic moments of celebration to come from this happy family.


Stand by everyone, the Rio royal photo of this games might yet to be taken.

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