Thursday, 11 August 2016

Five fairytale gowns from 2016

Beatrice Casiraghi in her dream dress at the Rose Ball this year

Princess Eugenie has added her name to two big lists in the last twenty four hours. First she's joined the princesses in magazines run down as she poses for Harper's Bazaar. And she's also joined the select list of regal ladies who have given us fairytale gowns fit for a princess in 2016. Here are five of the best.

When it comes to knock you sideways and make you look again fairytale dresses, red takes some beating. Beatrice Borromeo showed us just why when she chose this wow of a gown for the Rose Ball in Monaco this year. A simple off the shoulder top combined with a huge tulle skirt and minimal accessories produced this fairytale look and no one else stood a chance. That's what you call a dress.

Every bit as dreamy is this creamy creation chosen by Crown Princess Mary of Denmark for an evening out just before her wedding anniversary. We've seen this one before and we'll see it again and again and again, it's just fabuous. From the full tiers that make up the big skirt to the one shouldered taked on the structured top that all fairytale gowns need, this is how a princess gets ready for her close up in 2016.

Queen Rania did modern fairytale too with the stand out silver and black dress she wore to this year's Met Ball in New York. This one might not be to everyone's taste but it's got all the elements of a fairytale gown with its structured top and flowing skirt. The silver swans contrasted with the darker, shorter skirt are eye catching and there's no mistaking the way it moves - like a dream.

That other staple of the royal year in Monaco, the Red Cross Ball, produced another fairytale gown, this time worn by Princess Charlene. The off the shoulder top and big skirt are all there but the crossover effect in the structuring and the clever mingling of watery blues in the fabric make this a standout look in many ways. Sheer loveliness.

But Eugenie might just have this one in the bag.  The pink gown worn for her Harper's Bazaar spread is princess perfect. We've got flowers, we've got pastel, we've got little bits of lace making their way down the dress. And we've got a huge, great big, ready to dance skirt that wins every single time. It's beyond pretty, totally lovely and really rather gorgeous. That's what you call a fairytale gown.

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