Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Prince Oscar and the celebrity chef

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden bumped into celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, during lunch in London this week
(photo Jamie Oliver Instagram)

Most mums are worried enough about taking their baby into a coffee shop but when you're a queen in waiting with the second and third in line to your country's throne in the car seats in the back, you do things in style. Which would explain how Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden ended up in the restaurant of celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, ordering for Prince Oscar this week.

The royal view - the same group in a different image shared by the Swedish Royal Household

Victoria and Daniel popped into Fifteen and the photo was shared by both the Swedish Royal Family and Jamie Oliver with the celeb chef winning on the likes so far with 66,000 to 11,000. Jamie Oliver said that it was a pleasure to have the princess in his restaurant and mentioned that baby Oscar had come along too. He also shared the excitement of his head chef, Robbin, who is Swedish and was rather pleased to get to meet the heir to his country's throne while cooking. The Swedish Royal House told its followers that Victoria, Daniel and Jamie chatted about children's physical health - all of them have been involved in projects to keep the next generation fit and well.  And they've given us a gem of a photo to end August with as well.

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