Monday, 22 August 2016

Alexander's Album

Prince Alexander of Sweden in his father's arms in a photo released ahead of his christening
(photo kungahuset/ Kate Gabor)

Prince Alexander of Sweden has starred in some new photos released ahead of his christening, set to take place on September 9th in the chapel of Drottninngholm Palace. And at four months old, he's looking quite the little man and very like his daddy.

And baby makes three - Carl Philip and Sofia of Sweden with their son, Alexander
(photo kungahuset/ Kate Gabor)

Alexander has been photographed in the summer sunshine with his parents, Carl Philip and Sofia, as they all get ready for his baptism. Like his cousins before him, Alexander has a special page all about his christening on the royal website and just like them he already seems very relaxed in front of the cameras. Which is lucky because in just under three weeks time, lenses from around the world will be focused on the fifth in line to Sweden's throne at his royal christening. Alexander's Album is beginning a new chapter. 

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  1. I was missing the chubbiness of Prince George aka "cheeks" and although Prince Alexander cheeks are a tad less chubby, I am thrilled to have another chubby-cheeked royal baby to look at a smile.

    I am looking forward to more posts on this gorgeous baby boy.

    All the best