Sunday, 7 August 2016

Let them eat birthday cake...

The Queen with Great British Bake Off winner, Nadiya Hussein, who made her official 90th birthday cake
(photo Royal Family Twitter still)

There is something rather lovely about the Queen's decision to share the many birthday cakes she's been sent to mark her 90th with her house guests. As her cousin revealed that the sweet treats sent to Elizabeth II as she marked her big day are being dished up as dessert at private parties and receptions, the Queen has scored another hit.

The news was shared by Lady Elizabeth Anson, cousin to the Queen and a rather well known party planner in her own right. She said in an interview that all the cakes that have been sent to her cousin to mark her 90th are being sliced up and shared with guests with their coffee as a sweet treat at the end of meals.

Lady Elizabeth Anson put it down to their shared Scottish heritage, saying that the Queen didnt' like to see anything go to waste. 

Her official birthday cake was baked by GBBO winner, Nadiya Hussein, who presented her with regal gold and purple three tier treat during the celebrations earlier this year. The Queen praised that confection but is showing her affection for the many other cakes and those who have baked them to celebrate her birthday by making them part of a royal meal. After all, the tables of monarchs through history have been feted and praised as the best around and by making the kindness of strangers a big part of her meals. the Queen is paying them a compliment while making sure she and many others get to enjoy just one more slice of cake to mark her special birthday.

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