Saturday, 13 June 2015

How George trooped the colour

He will stand on what is quite possibly the most famous balcony in the world many times in his life but for his first appearance looking down on the Mall from Buckingham Palace Prince George was safe in the arms of his dad. The two future kings cuddled as they watched the flypast following the Trooping the Colour as George stole the show.

George on the Buckingham Palace balcony for the first time and completing a set of three kings in waiting alongside the Queen they will succeed

There had been some speculation that George might appear on the Buck House balcony in the days leading up to his great granny's official birthday and the traditional parade that goes with it. But as the carriages left the Palace a little face appeared at a window to watch his mum and dad take part. George was in the building and excitement reached fever pitch.


 Safe in the arms of his nanny, Maria Burallo, George waved and smiled and then stuck his tongue out, instantly bringing back memories of uncle Harry at a Trooping almost thirty years ago. But there were more memories to come as George made his debut on the balcony.


 The future king commanded his future palace just after 1pm on June 13th and was carried out by his proud dad, the Duke of Cambridge. And not only did George look just like daddy today, he was dressed just like him as well as he made his debut in the same blue and white outfit worn by William when he first appeared on the balcony in 1984 in the arms of his own dad, Prince Charles.


 It was a touching moment and another link between the generations that will go down in the history books. And the whole image was one for posterity as George waved along with his father, his grandfather and great grandmother, the Queen - the first time four generations of British monarchs have been seen together in public like that quite possibly ever.


 George may well be standing on that balcony when the 21st century becomes the 22nd, still waving, still smiling. But it all began on a grey day in London in the arms of his father - and in an outfit chosen thirty years ago by Diana. The past is part of that future hinted at today in present day images that area already historic.

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