Monday, 15 June 2015

Royals on social media

This is a royal wedding free zone. Yep, royals on social media is all about what happened elsewhere. Or in Sweden when there wasn't a wedding. It's been an action packed week with lots to tweet about so here's what the ruling houses shared on their official channels - it's the royals on social media.

A little music...

The music of choice for Prince Harry was jazz as he spent an evening at the Royal Albert Hall for a charity concert. On stage were Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga and the prince said hello to them before the concert got under way. As the photo shared on the official Kensington Palace Instagram feed showed, there were plenty of sequins glittering away at this encounter.

The King and Queen of the Belgians attended a concert given by the three first prize winners of the Queen Elisabeth Music Award for 2015 in the week and images of them meeting the stars of the show were shared on the official Twitter account.

And Queen Maxima of the Netherlands carried out several engagements in the week to promote music education in schools. Images were shared on the official Twitter account. 

Birthday celebrations

There were several royal birthdays in the week and several of them were marked on social media. One of the few non royal wedding posts on the official Swedish Royal Family Facebook page was an archive image of Princess Madeleine, shared to mark her 33rd birthday on June 10th 2015.

On the same day, the Duke of Edinburgh turned 94 and the official Twitter accounts of Kensington Palace and Clarence House shared messages as did the British Monarchy account which tweeted several times including one message with this selection of photos.

United with other nations

The Queen of Spain was made a special UN Ambassador for Food and Agriculture in the week during a ceremony in Rome. Letizia spoke about the benefits of a Mediterranean diet and the fact that so many around the world are still without proper food at all. Several videos of the event were shared on the official You Tube channel, Casa Real TV.

The Crown Prince of Norway attended the United Nations Governance and Peace Dialogue event which took place in Oslo this week.  Haakon Magnus attended a series of talks and debates about issues linked to governance and peacebuilding and information and images of the event were shared on the official Twitter account.

The King and Queen of the Belgians headed to Milan in the week for Belgium Day at Expo 2015 where they spent part of their day hearing about sustainable food and energy production as well as attending the final of the Homeless Cup at an event which is all about promoting other countries to one another and forging new bonds.

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