Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The FLOTUS who came to tea

They got on famously well when Prince Harry visited America so it's not a great surprise to see that Michelle Obama popped in for a cuppa with the royal at the start of her two day visit to the UK. The First Lady of the United States, along with her daughters and her mum, dropped by Kensington Palace for a spot of tea with the prince as their 48 hours here got underway. FLOTUS wore a flowery print for the encounter which was marked with a photo released after the plates had been cleared away.

You can just spot some rather nice looking biscuits in the image of Prince Harry and Michelle Obama released after they enjoyed tea together at the start of the two day visit by FLOTUS to the UK

Harry and the First Lady had a lot to talk about over tea. One of the main aims of Michelle Obama's visit is to promote 'Let Girls Learn', an initiative which aims to increase education opportunities for young women across the globe. Harry heard about the work involved and later the First Lady headed to a school in Hackney where she gave an inspirational speech to many teenage girls about the importance of learning and the opportunities it brings for them to release their full potential.


This is a brilliant cause for Harry to lend his support to and just by listening to the work that is going on he is doing that. We all know how much attention anything a member of the Royal Family, particularly Harry and William and Kate, can win for an issue and by taking tea with the First Lady and discussing some of the problems involved in getting the 62 million girls around the world who are not in school a chance to learn, Harry has given the topic a huge boost.


Michelle Obama and Harry also chatted about their shared interest in supporting military veterans and their families in leading full lives and giving them the help they need to adapt and making sure they have access to the treatment and facilities that they need. Harry has campaigned passionately on this issue and it has been a big part of his last year in the Army - in just a few days time he will leave his military career and this meeting comes at a crossroads in the prince's life. In recent days he has seemed rather low key during a string of public appearances - it was the same later yesterday when he appeared at Royal Ascot - but the image of him with Michelle Obama shows him looking enthusiastic and engaged. It's clear that Harry's words earlier this year about finding a role and being able to give it his all were heartfelt and will influence his immediate choices.


 In the meantime, his tea with FLOTUS gave royal watchers a chance to see Harry with an old friend and to promote two areas very close to his heart. A cup of tea is always welcome and when you get to take it with the First Lady of the United State, it really is a tonic.

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