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The Royal Wardrobe: the Royal Wedding 2015

It's been a special week, after all we don't get royal weddings all that often (no pressure here, Harry, but 2016 is looking empty right now). And a royal wedding means some spectacular outfits of both the perfect and the 'didn't you look in the mirror before you left' kind. Here are the gala gowns worn to the marriage of Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist in Stockholm on June 13th 2015 by their guests. It's hard to pick the best but someone has to go first so let's start with the groom's sisters who both knocked it out of the park in different way. Crown Princess Victoria went modern in keeping with the tone of the whole wedding and her grey print dress was about as perfect a pick as a princess can make.

Even the handbag was glittery - Victoria of Sweden arrives at her brother's wedding

The future queen and her consort had a good day - she looked stunning, did a cracking reading and wept beautifully throughout the whole thing while Prince Daniel showed that childcare is man's business by being the only member of the Swedish Royal Family who could stop sixteen month old Princess Leonore getting grumpy as the ceremony went on in a very hot chapel.

 Leonore's mum, Madeleine, suffered in that heat being nine months pregnant. But she looked fresh and really rather lovely in a dusky pink evening gown that flowed in all the right places.

 With its sparkly bodice and draping sleeves it made the top eye catching while the skirt covered the royal baby bump to perfection.


But their mum outdid them both. Queen Silvia attended the wedding of her only son in a full length fitted mauve silk dress with a stunning tiara.


The outfit was regal, elegant and gorgeous in equal measure. Any future royal mums of grooms take note - this is the way to do it. 


Outside of the Swedish Royal Family there were some more stunning frocks. Queen Maxima of the Netherlands looked simply amazing in a red dress worn with rubies.


The simple fitted design showed off the colour and texture of the dress while its scooped neckline gave the look added elegance.


There was brighter red from Queen Margrethe of Denmark who wore the stunning gown she chose for her 75th birthday celebrations recently - it was a fabulous look and when you're a queen with a cracking gown then why not wear it to your godson's wedding?

There were no big surprises from Queen Mathilde who stuck with a familiar style and shape for her gown. She wore pale blue that was almost mauve but the look was one we've come to expect from the Queen of the Belgians at these kind of events.

And if there's one thing we've come to expect from Queen Sonja it's a bright colour we weren't expecting. Here comes the Queen of Norway in bright yellow.

Her daughter-in-law, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, also stayed faithful to her style and went for a flower print dress in pink with large darker pink flowers.

The T-shirt top was very Mette-Marit and the whole look typified what we've come to expect from her - pretty, unusual and a modern take on royal clothes. And the fact that she cried while 'Fix It' was played in the church (presumably from happiness rather than embarrassment) only helped make her one of the royal stars of the day.

 She'll have to share that limelight though with Crown Princess Mary of Denmark who chose a lilac silk dress that was breathtakingly beautiful.

 It was the kind of dress little girls dream that princesses wear. A pretty top, a full skirt that flowed out behind her and in a pastel shade of purple that looks like it was designed to be worn only by royals. Wedding perfection.


Mary's sister in law, Princess Marie, went for green and while the colour was striking the design itself was rather anaemic with no stand out feature to single her out among the dozens of gala goodies on show.


 The Countess of Wessex had the same problem. She chose a simple pale mauve gown that was elegant but just didn't stand out enough amongst the other outfits there.


And surprisingly, Princess Martha Louise of Norway fell into the too ordinary to notice category as well this time round. OK, there was a little bit of a corsetry effect going on at the top but for a royal who usually stands out with bright colours or designs odd enough to make you look twice, this was beyond low key.


Tatiana of Greece also blended into the background this time round. Her off the shoulder lace effect gown was just the right side of ice blue not to look white and rather bridal and it needed something else to make it a winner.


 But there was no danger of the groom's aunt, Princess Birgitta, blending into the background. In one of the all time memorable - and not for a good reason - royal wedding outfits, hers was the ensemble that got everyone talking.


 Nothing says royal wedding more than pale pink chiffon trousers, fur bolero and tiara. Well, that's according to Birgitta who put together an outfit so out of place in its oddness that it was compulsive viewing.


 Her sister, Princess Margretha, took a swerve on the regal version of a morning keep fit outfit with fur and went for a rather matronly grey silk dress with patterned jacket, a staple of royal weddings for decades now. No one cared, they were all looking at Birgitta.


Princess Christina got even less of a look in having gone for a burgundy dress with coat and discreet tiara. If you're going to be standing next to Birgitta then discreet needs to come off the wish list at the start. 

 It was a stunning display, in every sense of the word, at the Royal Wedding of the year. We got tiaras, ballgowns, princess perfection and Birgitta - there's nothing left to ask for. What a royal wardrobe.

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