Sunday, 7 June 2015

George and Charlotte

The internet didn't quite break but it did go pretty crazy for a while around 10pm last night as four photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte were released. The quartet of images, all taken by the Duchess of Cambridge, proved instant hits and were retweeted a total of 70,000 times in just a few hours showing that this 23 month old and his 1 month old sister are already global superstars.

George Alexander Louis and Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge

The four images, taken at Anmer Hall in Norfolk in the middle of May, show the two siblings cuddling on a sofa. The first to be released featured George looking at Charlotte.

One prince, one princess, tens of thousands of aahs - new pictures of George and Charlotte

The photos, also shared on Instagram, came with the hashtag #WelcometotheFamily, and they are very family centred images giving us a close up view of the boy who will be king and the girl who will be spare that shows a son who looks like daddy and a daughter that looks like mummy.

George does his best to smile for the camera but there are only so many poses a two year old can pull

The next chance to see Charlotte and her brother will come on July 5th when the baby princess is christened by the Archbishop of Canterbury at the Church of St Mary Magdalene at Sandringham. That will probably be the first time we see the four Cambridges together as well. In the meantime, George and Charlotte sealed their position as world's most famous children with a cute little kiss in a set of photos that are now almost as well known as them.

The children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge photographed at Anmer Hall, Norfolk in may 2015

All photos are copyright of the Duchess of Cambridge and @KensingtonRoyal Twitter.

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