Sunday, 21 June 2015

Royal Ascot: the final furlong

Once Ladies Day is out of the way, interest in Royal Ascot tends to wane - unless you're a Frankie Dettori fan in which case it's compulsive viewing. But the royal ladies of the House of Windsor have still been dressing in their finest for the occasion and with Sophie Wessex not attending either of the last two days they had a chance to lead the fashion pack over the finish line.

As Royal Ascot comes to an end for another year, here are five of the best royal outfits from the finals days.

The Queen

Day Four of Ascot saw the Queen go for yellow. Her bright coat with matching hat didn't quite match the weather which had turned for grey again.

 There was another print dress beneath the knee length coat and the hat was adorned with a bright display of peach and pink flowers.

It was sunshine on an almost rainy day and all the more welcome for it.

Zara Tindall

Yellow was more of a success for the Queen at Ascot than it had been for her eldest granddaughter, Zara Tindall, who chose the shade on day one and faced a global barrage of questions along the lines of 'are you expecting?'. The answer to that question was no and her answer to her fashion critics was resounding - her monochrome skirt, jacket and hat on day four was a stunner.

There was no chance of anyone doing baby weight questions with this one. The flared skirt showed off her waist, the cropped jacket was sleek and stylish and the hat was a proper head turner. All eyes were on Zara rather than her tummy this time round.

It was one of the best looks of the whole meeting. Overall opinion - a very elegant way of telling tummy gazers to mind their own business.

Princess Eugenie

Eugenie was another royal granddaughter in need of a fashion win after a worrying run but it didn't quite happen for her. The princess's day four outfit was certainly an improvement on her Ladies Day choice but, once more, didn't quite make it to the winner's enclosure.


 Eugenie went for an unusual animal print for her fifties style dress which had a boat style collar, cap sleeves and a very flared skirt. Her hat was the right shape and shade for the outfit but the pattern began to jar very quickly.


It was summery enough and looked far more comfortable that her Ladies Day choice. Overall opinion - getting there. 

Princess Beatrice 

 Her big sister, Beatrice, didn't fare much better on day four.Her outfit was more cutting edge but looked almost messy. It was a brave stab at high fashion but just didn't quite cut it.


Beatrice chose a white lace top with a paisley effect print skirt and small navy hat with what looked like a pom pom and a rose on top of it. Add in two tone navy and nude shoes and a navy Peter Pan collar and you get a royal buffet of style that needed a makeover.


 Beatrice likes to try edgier looks which is always welcome but it also means that sometimes things just don't work. Overall opinion - nice try, better luck next time. 

The Queen 

On the final day of Royal Ascot, the Queen chose a warm dark peach shade for her outfit. The skies were leaden, the temperature had plummeted but there was still a spark of summer left thanks to her.


The coat was similar to the shape worn throughout the week but with no button effect down the front. Instead it was closed by invisible fastenings with a small fabric clasp over the middle.


The hat was slightly smaller than those chosen in the week, perhaps because it was the last day and the heat of the occasion - and the weather - had gone. But it was another success and proof, if any were needed that when it comes to Royal Ascot everyone takes their lead from the Queen.

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