Sunday, 14 June 2015

Royal Weddings 2015: the official photos

The party's over but the memories remain. There are many images of the Royal Wedding of 2015 but some of those that will linger longest and be used over and over again are the official photographs that were released late on the night of June 13th 2015 as the confetti began to blow away in the wind.

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden on their wedding day

They were all taken by Mattias Edwall and have the modern touch that was so evident throughout the wedding. There is no backdrop of columns or pillars or swirling golden cherubs painted on a palace wall centuries past. The bride and groom stand in front of a plain silk curtain on a rather ordinary patterned carpet. These are royal wedding photos that are all about the wedding rather than the royal.

The newlyweds with their four bridesmaids in another of the official photos

They are also strikingly different in their format. There is one of the couple and another of them with their bridesmaids, as is to be expected. But there is no big family gathering. Instead there is a simple snap of them with their parents.

The royal couple with their parents, the King and Queen of Sweden and Erik and Marie Hellqvist

There is of course a big group shot with Queen Margrethe II of Denmark joining King Carl XVI Gustaf in the front row and a line of queen consorts appearing behind the newly married couple.

The royal guests at the Royal Wedding join family and friends for an official photo

And the last of the five shows that the wedding really was a sister act. Not only did they walk back down the aisle to music from that film but their final choice of official image is them with the respective sisters. Perhaps rather fitting for Carl Philip who has long been the only man in the Swedish line of succession. He's spent his time until now surrounded by sisters and married life has started off in exactly the same way.

Lina and Sara Hellqvist, sisters of the bride, with Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine, sisters of the groom, with the newlyweds in another of the official images

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