Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Letizia's suitcases

She is one queen who doesn't travel light. On her recent State Visit to France, Letizia of Spain went through an average of three outfits a day and the record remains intact as she starts another major trip. Since arriving in Mexico on Sunday night, the newest queen in Europe has shown us four outfits. And there are another two days to go. That's a lot of suitcases.

Letizia of Spain debuts a new red cocktail dress, outfit number four at the start of her tour of Mexico

Admittedly, finding an outfit that will see a royal visitor through a day of engagements can be a hard ask. The first full day of events for the King and Queen of Spain began with an official welcome by the President of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, and his wife, Angelica Rivera. The Queen of Spain chose a pale green dress with a cream and pink boucle effect jacket with ties for the occasion which also saw her accompany her husband to lay a wreath at the memorial to the Heroic Children.


 The outfit paid tribute to the colours of the Mexican flag and had a retro feel about it, partly due to the mini waves added to the now world famous Letizia bob.


 As is habitual with Letizia now, the shoes were wrong - this pair of strappy sandals ended up looking old fashioned and like she'd had to borrow them from someone after one of her heels broke at the last minute. But the overall effect was chic and stylish and totally blown off the page by the Mexican First Lady who chose an impossible to miss blush coloured trouser suit with pussy bow at the neck and a mini same shade cumberband at the waist.


 The green dominated suit stayed on for the second engagement of the day when Felipe and Letizia were named as Distinguished Guests and presented with medals and a key to Mexico City.


But then it was time for lunch and after several hours in one outfit, Letizia changed into the cream suit which she had worn - briefly - at the start of her State Visit to France. It is subtle, stylish and very Queen Sofia. And as her hostess had also changed, it was perhaps a good idea to put on another outfit to keep up with Angelica. But Angelica was already streets ahead in a Wedgewood blue and white dress with a shoulder line that defied expectations and gravity. Again, there was nowhere else to look. Letizia almost looked like she was playing it safe next to this display of flamboyant fashion.

King Felipe and Queen Letitia of Spain with the President of Mexico and his wife on day one of the State Visit to the country

The first actual dress for Mexico wouldn't really have done for this event either. The queen had arrived in the country in an on trend pleated frock in palest beige with white trim that looked very summery if slightly underdressed for the occasion. There was no way this one could take on Angelica for lunch.

Just don't look at the shoes. Again. Letizia of Spain arrives with her husband for a State Visit to Mexico on June 28th 2015

And however bulging the suitcase is, room must always be found for a gala dinner. The first night of the State Visit saw a banquet held in honour of the King and Queen of Spain by President Enrique Pena Nieto and Angelica Rivero. And this is where Letizia came into her own. A brand new, red, embellished one shoulder cocktail dress was a winner and then some. The black fringed outfit chosen by her host was left in the shade.

Red wins - Letizia of Spain and Angelica Rivera at a State Dinner in Mexico on June 29th 2015

One day down, two to go, four outfits already and the promise of many more. State Visits mean big suitcases for all queens and Letizia is showing she's no different.

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