Thursday, 18 June 2015

Day two at Royal Ascot

Day two at Royal Ascot was much warmer but the ladies seemed to choose thicker coats and jackets as they went about their fashion business. There weren't quite as many of them on display as the day before but there were still some rather nice outfits to choose from and a fashion battle between two very different leaders of the royal style pack - Sophie Wessex and Autumn Phillips.

The Queen at Royal Ascot on day two of the 2015 meeting
(photo @Ascot Twitter)

Take your pick from five more outfits from the Royal Enclosure at this year's Royal Ascot.

The Queen

After beginning the festival in pink, the Queen went for royal blue on day two.


It was another ensemble that put stand out colour at its heart and so ensured that all those waiting to see her could spot her from a distance and tick their wish fulfilled box.


It was a simple coat while the hat's crown was the same shade with a white layer on the bottom of the brim. The Queen always picks winners on the fashion front at Ascot and day two was no different.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex

Wearing quite possibly the best royal day outfit of the year so far, Sophie Wessex looked stunning as she arrived at Royal Ascot 2015.


First glimpse, as of all the ladies, only really let us get a good look at her hat as she travelled by carriage and what a hat. A very modern white straw affair with a black and white twist on top promised great things of what was to come.

We weren't disappointed. Sophie, looking very slim, chose a white cropped jacket with long skirt covered in thin horizontal black lines. Make that very, very slim - we know what those lines can do. It was modern, fresh, on trend and stunning. Sophie is fast becoming the fashion queen of the House of Windsor. Overall opinion - wow.

Anne, The Princess Royal

The papers were full of the fact that Anne had worn an 35 year old outfit to Royal Ascot on day one and all kudos to her for that - it still fits, she still carries it off and that is real, proper royal recycling.


Day two brought another reminder of just how fantastic her figure is at the age of almost 65 as the princess wore a fitted white dress which looked fab. There was a rather elegant brown hat and matching gloves but the only strange note was the scarf she tied across her shoulders which added a big line of black to the ensemble.


Other than that, it was a runaway winner. Overall opinion - vintage perfection.

Autumn Phillips

Autumn Phillips always look good but never really in a kind of 'I wish I owned that' kind of way. Until day two of Royal Ascot 2015.


She picked a white dress with green flower print and a hat in the same shade and looked stunning.

OK, the matching jacket was a bit of an unneccesary added extra but this look was one of those that would spawn acres of coverage had Kate worn it. In fact, it is rather Kate from the shape of the hat to the shape of the sleeves. A fabulous Ascot outfit. Overall opinion - hats off, it's a winner.

Princess Michael of Kent

Marie-Christine is still one of the most stylish royal ladies around and her day two outfit was a dream of a display of regal dressing.The very palest ice blue suit with its soft jacket and perfectly piped buttons on the sleeves was elegance in a photo.

But it was the flamboyant white hat with delicate feathers that added the real regal glow to this choice. A hat that only a royal could wear and she wore it with style. Overall opinion - downright lovely.

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