Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Sweden's royal christening portraits

Estelle of Sweden with her parents on her christening day - the first portrait in a new royal album

Prince Alexander of Sweden will be christened on Friday. His baptism, at Drottningholm Palace Church on September 9th. will be a happy family event but also a big royal occasion. That means historic gowns, historic fonts, historic cradles, not quite as historic but still rather fabulous sashes and historic photos. The images of Alexander with his parents, grandparents and godparents will enter the album telling the story of the new generation of Sweden's Royal Family. As we wait for Alexander's big moment, here's a look back at the portraits of his cousins on their big days.

Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary, the eldest of the new generation, set the template for christening photos. She will one day be queen but despite a number of historic portraits featuring her with her grandfather, Estelle also starred in the family shots we have now got used to. There was a portrait with her mum and dad and then a picture with her four grandparents. Relaxed and very happy, this is how all Swedish christenings have evolved ever since.

Leonore Lilian Maria of Sweden was next to arrive and just like her big cousin, Estelle, she featured in a photo with a proud dad and a mum in baby pink for her little girl's big day.

Princess Leonore of Sweden was christened on June 8th 2014, the first anniversary of her parents' marriage. She was baptised at Drottningholm Palace Church.

Fifteen months later, Leonore was back at the same chapel to see her little brother, Nicolas Paul Gustaf, christened.

The eldest grandson of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia was baptised on October 11th 2015 and posed for a photo with all his grandparents, including granny Silvia in blue for a boy, afterwards.

The new third in line to the throne of Sweden, Oscar Carl Olof, was baptised on May 27th 2016 in the Royal Chapel of the Royal Palace in Stockholm and looked quite happy to get a sit down afterwards with mum, dad and big sister, Estelle.

Prince Oscar was the only one not looking at the camera for his big close up with his parents and grandparents but when you're the star of the show, you make your own rules. Alexander will learn that this Friday as he takes centre stage in Sweden's royal christening album.

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