Friday, 23 September 2016

Victoria ends her trip to New York

Crown Princess Victoria during her visit to New York

Crown Princess Victoria is on her way back to Sweden after a four day stay in New York where she participated in the meetings around the UN General Assembly as well as engagements linked to her role as a Sustainable Development Ambassador for the organisation. There were also events linked to the Swedish economy and community in New York. Getting back to a four year old and six month old will be a rest after all that.

The Crown Princess of Sweden during her stay in New York this week
(photo kungahuset Instagram)

Victoria took part in the 71st UN General Assembly opening session which focused on sustainable development goals. That meeting on Tuesday was followed by a meeting on food and nutrition. As the mum of two young children, antibiotics and when to use them is a topic never far from debate in Victoria's life and on Wednesday she was part of a debate on how the use of this medicine can be developed in a healthy way across the world.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden with DHO Young-Shim in New York

Victoria also held a meeting with DHO Young-Shim who is chair of the World Tourism Agencies and who is working towards the sustainable development goals so high on the Crown Princess' agenda as well.  

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden as her New York trip came to an end
(photo @UNSweden Twitter)

Thursday included a meeting on gender equality and more focus on those sustainable development goals. The Crown Princess is among the most high profile of the ambassadors named by Ban Ki-Moon to work on this initiative. Victoria is heading back home where her first engagement in Sweden will be a cabinet meeting that she is attending alongside her father, King Carl XVI Gustaf, on Monday.

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