Monday, 26 September 2016

Royal Visit Canada, Day Two

The Duchess of Cambridge arrives in Vancouver on day two of Royal Visit Canada
(photo The Crown in Canada Twitter)

Day two of Royal Visit Canada was all about planes, boats and rain. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Vancouver using a rather unusual mode of transport and walked through a lot of drizzle as they fulfilled their wish to meet as many Canadians as possible while visiting projects and a reception in the city. Welcome to Vancouver as Royal Visit Canada continues.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge left Victoria in British Columbia for Vancouver in the morning of day two but there was no car, train or even helicopter for this part of the visit. Kate and William hopped on board a float plane and around an hour later stepped off looking like they'd rather enjoyed the whole experience.

There was a big crowd waiting for them so staying true to their intention of saying hello to as many people as possible there was time for a quick walkabout before they headed to their first engagement of the day at Sheway.

The organisation helps mums and expectant mums who are struggling with alcohol and drug issues. They met staff as well as some of the women and children who are supported by the services offered by the charity.

The next stop on day two was the Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia where the royal couple were met by their hosts for the week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau.

The society supports around 25,000 immigrants arriving in Canada every year and this visit was a chance to hear about the work and meet some of the people who have been helped including a young family from Syria who have recently come to Vancouver to settle there.

No royal tour day is complete without a reception of some description and this one was among the most relaxed of Royal Visit Canada - Kate and William stopped off to meet young future leaders as their day in Vancouver reached its midway point.

William also posed with Justin Trudeau as the two met some of Canada's Olympic and Paralympic athletes who are back from Rio and celebrating their success. Gold medals aplenty here.

The day ended as it had started - on the water. William and Kate and their new best friends, Justin and Sophie, headed to Kitsilano Coast Guard Station to hear about the work of the Canadian Coast Guard. And to sit on a boat.

There was a very serious side to this engagement as Kate and Justin Trudeau met some of the support agencies helping rescue people in dangerous circumstances. William and Sophie Trudeau met other workers and got a chance to say hello to the dogs that work in the Coastguard team.

Then it was back to the water for William and Kate as they joined Canada's Prime Minister and his wife for a tour of one of the vessels used by the Coastguard. 

A sedate sitdown on deck and a livelier looking tour of life below brought day two to an end. Royal Visit Canada is well and truly under way.

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