Thursday, 1 September 2016

Cider with Kate

The Duchess of Cambridge pulls a pint at Healey's Cornish Cider Farm on her visit to Cornwall
(photo Healey's Cider Twitter)

It started with a pint of cider and ended up with a booze tasting session that promised to turn liquid lunch and then some. As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Cornwall they tucked into the local brew in the September sunshine. And the duchess even turned barmaid to pull a pint for her husband. Welcome to Cider with Kate.

The boozy stop came mid way through day one of William and Kate's whistlestop tour of the south west. They heled Healey's Cornish Cider Farm celebrate its 30th birthday by celebrating some of its most famous brews in a tasting session that promised to turn into a drinking session.

Kate, after much protestation about her bar skills, managed to pull the perfect pint while William went on to protest that if he drank the whole glass he'd fall over. The second in line took a polite sip and stayed upright. The sun might still be shining but the partying had to wait.

The stop for cider came after a series of engagements in Truro. The royal couple began their day at the Cathedral there where they were greeted by a big crowd and lots of cobbles.

Inside, they met members of the clergy and heard about the Cathedral's Roof Appeal before signing slates to make their contribution to the campaign.

Then it was off to Youth Centre Zebs to hear about the work of Young People Cornwall which works to support the needs of young people in the county.

Kate and William chatted to those who use the centre and those who run it to find out how it helps young people.

After the booze stop, it was time to visit some development projects located in Nansledan and Treluggan Hills and to hear about the work of the Duchy of Cornwall, now under the auspices of William's father. One day the responsibility will fall to the duke Cambridge calls its own right now.

There was also a chance for Kate and William to work a building site as the development projects provide jobs and support for the local community. Cue builder selfie with royal photobomb. It's what royal days out were made for.

You don't go to Cornwall without heading to the beach and this royal duke and duchess were no exception. The final stop on day one was Newquay's Towan Beach to see the work of the Wave Project which uses surfing to help young people's mental health and wellbeing.  And there was a big crowd waiting to see them there.

Kate and William spent a lot of time talking to the youngsters who had come along to see them and they gave their royal seal of approval to the project and their day out with a big group photo.

Then it was off for a night at the Restormel Manor near Lostwithiel, owned by the Duchy of Cornwall. It doesn't matter if you are second in line to the throne and a father of two, sometimes you have to ask dad for somewhere to crash. It will be a rest before the Cambridges head to the Scilly Isles for another day of engagements. Expect more sunshine, more smiles and maybe even some more cider with Kate.

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