Thursday, 29 September 2016

Royal Visit Canada, day six: Charlotte gets cuddly

Princess Charlotte and her new best friend at a children's party in Victoria
(photo Kensington Palace Instagram)

Let's face it, this one doesn't need that many words. Prince George and Princess Charlotte accompanied their parents to a party for military families at Government House, Victoria, British Columbia and looked very cute indeed. And then Charlotte got all cuddly with a rabbit and George went pony riding. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge might have thirty engagements on this tour but you just know what everyone will remember first from Royal Visit Canada.

George and Charlotte made their first appearance since arriving in Canada at the party with George striding down the stairs hand in hand with dad and Charlotte hitching a lift with mum.

The littlest princess of the House of Windsor stayed in the arms of the Duchess of Cambridge for around a whole minute before battling her way to the ground and grabbing a balloon arch with so much force that there was little damage left for George to do. You don't carry the genes of conquerors and kings in your veins and not show it, let's face it.

There were plenty of chances for the third and fourth in line to the throne to keep everyone aahing with some cute photos. After the balloon arch came the balloon maker and proof that Charlotte is going to give her mum a run for the money on the shocked faces if they ever go to Wimbledon together.

Then there were the bubbles and some of the best royal photos of the year, if not the decade, as George watched them float in the air above his head before dissolving in giggle as the bubbles dissolved into the sky.

Then there were the animals. The party included a petting zoo which led to George sitting on a pony - all kings need to be seen on horseback and starting early is no bad thing.

With a little help from dad -George tries out a pony at the children's party
(Today Twitter still)

Charlotte meanwhile was totally enchanted with a rabbit she was allowed to stroke, appearing to not want to let it go. And then she met the dog.

Moose is a particularly cute and fluffy dog and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge liked the look of him so much, she sat on him. After laughs and squeals, her parents gently removed her from her new friend's back - he took it all in his doggy stride.

The littlest Cambridge also spoke in public for the first time, to add to her debut walk, and we got another chance to see William holding his daughter. By the looks of things, she has him round her little finger already.

George and Charlotte seemed to have a great time at the party and the chance to see them enjoying themselves will be a highlight of the whole tour. The party might be over but the memories will remain for years to come.

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