Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Royal Wardrobe Canada: day three

The Duchess of Cambridge in red for an evening reception in Victoria, British Columbia
(photo The Crown in Canada Twitter)

Day three was the first for two outfits and the Duchess of Cambridge kept it extreme. She started with ultra casual for her day in Bella Bella and ended in gala for the first evening reception of Royal Visit Canada 2016. And there's a colour scheme emerging for this tour - Kate kept to predominantly blue and red just as she has the past two days. Here's Royal Wardrobe Canada, day three.

Kate began the day in jeans and rainmac and did she ever need the coat. She stepped off a plane in the community of Bella Bella in pouring rain. And while her skinny jeans, knee high boots and on trend trench might be royal dressing 21st century style, the clear domed umbrella is a Windsor staple, used by just about every member of the ruling house to keep the rain off but their faces visible.

The buttoned up trench in pale beige topped dark blue jeans and what's quickly becoming Kate's go to footwear for royal tours -her knee high brown boots. Last seen as she trekked up a mountain in Bhutan earlier in the year, they were back to tackle the wet weather of Bella Bella.

Once she'd warmed up inside the local hall, where the official welcome by the Heiltsuk community was taking place, Kate lost the coat to reveal a dark blue jumper with the hint of a checked shirt beneath. This was classic Kate casual dressing, nothing too showy and all very low key.

The evening was another story. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were at a reception at Government House in Victoria where they met politicians and civic leaders from British Columbia. And we got a brand new evening look to go with it, all in the bright red of Canada's flag.

Kate's sleeveless dress, from Preen, features shoulder straps and some rather intricate draping on the bodice which falls into a fitted waist. The skirt is equally striking, falling in large pleats to a mid calf length finish while the drapes and folds of the material give it plenty of bounce and body.

The red suede shoes were back (hooray, easily one of Kate's best choices) and add in a glittering red clutch and one of those updos she's got so fond of in recent times you have a winner all the way.

That's before we get to the sparkling Maple Leaf brooch which is fast becoming one of the stars of this tour. It had better make the most of its moment in the spotlight as George and Charlotte are taking over in two days time and even the Kate Effect on the Royal Wardrobe has trouble competing with those two.

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