Friday, 9 September 2016

Norwegian State Visit to Finland, Day Three

Queen Sonja of Norway in Oulu, Finland on the third day of her State Visit to the country

King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway have concluded their State Visit to Finland with a day in the north of the country. The royal couple travelled to Oulu  where they focused on technology and health. And after a successful visit to a gaming forum on day two where Queen Sonja had taken to mobile phone games, there was a chance to visit one of the best known phone companies in the world before ringing home to tell them to get the kettle on as they were on their way back.

Harald and Sonja arrived in Oulu where they headed straight to the university which leads the country in education in the Saami language and culture. The King and Queen of Norway heard about projects that help students develop their business ideas.  Harald also got to try a new communication system which is designed to improve safety at sea as it can send messages in areas where mobile phone signals fail.

Queen Sonja is presented with a rose during her visit to Oulu

The last day included a lunch at the City Hall in Oulu where Harald and Sonja drew a big crowd including a lot of children who had brought roses to give to the King and Queen of Norway.

The afternoon saw the royal couple head to Nokia where as well as hearing about its history in the mobile phone sector, they were told about its role in the internet and broadband sectors. The final stop of their State Visit was Oulu University Hospital for a tour of some of the innovative technology being used there to help patients and develop healthcare systems.

This was the third State Visit to Finland by King Harald and Queen Sonja in their 25 year reign and just as successful as those that went before.

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