Saturday, 10 September 2016

The Royal Wardrobe: Prince Alexander's Christening

Prince Alexander of Sweden at his christening on September 9th 2016

After the slow months of summer, the Royal Wardrobe needed a kick start to get autumn under way and that's what happened in Sweden this Friday. The christening of Prince Alexander means many things to his family and their friends but it also means we got a line up of new season style to reopen the Royal Wardrobe with a flourish. Here are some of the stand out looks.

Princess Sofia chose white for her son's big day and scored a winner. Her two piece suit was the model of understated elegance with its long sleeves and a skirt just below the knees. 

But it was the lace overlay that really made this a standout look. From the embellishments at the neckline to the scalloped edging that ended the skirt, it added prettiness to an already lovely outfit. OK, the pearl headband was a bit odd but when the rest is a wonder in white, we can let that pass.

We all knew that Crown Princess Victoria would be one of Alexander's godparents so it wasn't like it came as a shock to her and she had to go and find something stand out to wear. Victoria was more than ready for her closeup in a dress that is a shoe in for any top ten of 2016.

Coral basketweave wouldn't be on most people's lists of things to wear six months after having a baby but Victoria made it look fantastic. The length, the shape and the colour were fantastic and if the headband is in the let's not try that again category that Sofia started, who cares? This is a fabulous look and the fact that Estelle was in a matching shade made it the standout style statement of the whole event.

Princess Madeleine went much more on trend and it almost worked. Her print dress with Peter Pan collar is a great look but it just didn't quite gel with the formal accessories needed for a royal christening.

For a start, is that a bow or a pair of wings in her hair? And this kind of dress doesn't really go with smart heels. Madeleine wore it well but this one didn't quite hit the mark. On trend but slightly out of kilter.

Queen Silvia went for pink for the christening of her third grandson with a bit of mauve thrown in for good measure and quite a lot of embellishments. She looked fabulous but there is no one else who could actually make this work.

The two piece suit featured a deep pink jacket with an almost contrasting pale mauve skirt. But extra points here for the hat, a confection of petals that sits neatly without overpowering anything, and if you can't wear pearls to your grandson's christening, when can you wear them? Silvia always looks perfect for family events and this is no exception. Four royal looks to begin the Royal Wardrobe for Autumn 2016 and you can pick your favourite on the poll on the main page.

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