Friday, 2 September 2016

Juan Carlos and Sofia, the parents

King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain in an official portrait

Sometimes it's easy to forget that royals are parents too and when the regal children are grown ups, the concern their mums and dads will have can be passed over. But as King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain headed to a hospital in Madrid to see their eldest child, it was clear for everyone to see that being royal changes nothing about the feelings of a mum and dad.

Juan Carlos and Sofia made a visit to the Ruber International Hospital in the Spanish capital where their first born, Infanta Elena, was recovering after being injured while horse riding at the Zarzuela Palace.

Elena was hurt when she fell during a ride on the afternoon of September 1st. She is understood to have broken her wrist.

Within hours, her concerned parents were at her bedside for a visit to see how she was recovering. Juan Carlos and Sofia arrived together in the early evening and spent some time with their daughter before leaving in the same car.

Infanta Elena, who is 52, is currently third in line to the Spanish throne.

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