Friday, 2 September 2016

Back to school begins a new chapter in Belgium

Princess Elisabeth looks after little sister, Eleonore, and brothers Emmanuel and Gabriel as the four head back to school after the summer break
(photo MonarchieBe Twitter)

It's become a staple of the start of autumn, photos of the Belgian Royal Family as the two princesses and two princes of Philippe and Mathilde return to school. But this year the back to class album signalled a new chapter for Belgium's royals. It was also the day they joined Instagram.

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It might not have the biggest social media following among Europe's royals (the official accounts of the British Royal Family lead the way with Spain in second place on Twitter) but the Belgian Monarchy is pretty savvy when it comes to sharing. Instagram is no different. Almost straight away we went from traditional photo to video of the royal children heading back to class. All pretty impressive stuff.

The new account has picked up 2,880 followers in 24 hours, not bad going although a long way off the 1.6 million followers Kensington Palace has picked up in just over a year.

There were also the traditional photos outside the school with King Philippe accompanying Prince Emmanuel to class and Queen Mathilde taking Elisabeth, Gabriel and Eleonore along as the new school year got under way.

The royal children of Belgium are starting to look very grown up and this new chapter in their lives marks a new development in the media presence of the Monarchy they belong to. When image is everything and shared in an instant, there is a new royal presence on Instagram.

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