Saturday, 10 September 2016

Royals on the Vanity Fair best dressed list for 2016

The Queen is given a special citation in the Vanity Fair Best Dressed List 2016
(photo BBC still)

When it comes to style, the list everyone wants to be seen on is the one produced by Vanity Fair every year. And in 2016, two queens of royal elegance have been mentioned in the line up. Maxima of the Netherlands makes it on to the list while Elizabeth II, in the year she marks her 90th birthday, is given a special citation. Fashion rules.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands is named as one of the best dressed women in the world with special mention made of her favourite designers - Natan, Jan Taminiau and Valentino.

Not surprisingly, given that her wardrobe for her visit to Paris earlier this year was sensational, the stand out look for the Queen of the Netherlands is the gold cocktail dress chosen for the State Dinner at the Elysee Palace.

Elizabeth II is given a special citation for decades of elegance and style setting in the year she celebrates her big birthday. While many of her favourite designers are mentioned in the nod, among them Norman Hartnell and Angela Kelly, it is the most famous coat of 2016 that gets the biggest mention.

The Queen's stand out look in the year she is given a special citation in the Vanity Fair Hall of Fame is the lime green outfit chosen for Trooping the Colour.  Let's face it, it's unforgettable.

Anyone who makes the list three times is inducted into the Hall of Fame and after that, their place on the countdown is cemented so there's no need to keep adding nods. The Duchess of Cambridge was inducted in 2014 and this year she's joined by Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

Mary's style joins that of other icons including Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn in the Hall of Fame. There's a special mention this year for the midnight blue velvet dress worn for the New Year gala at the start of 2016.

Her husband, Crown Prince Frederik, is named on the men's best dressed list for 2016 although he's still playing catch up with his wife with no place in the Hall of Fame.


 Also making the men's list is Prince Harry whose description on the site starts with his charity work and role in the Invictus Games before getting round to the fact that he is royal.

But how could he not make the list when he gave us those blue soled shoes earlier this year? That's the stand out look Vanity Fair choose for him on a list that has plenty of royal sparkle and is crowned by the special citation for Elizabeth II, the ultimate style icon.

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