Thursday, 14 April 2016

5 royal photos: April 13th

Other royal events are available. As the world watches William and Kate in India and now Bhutan, royal life in Europe has been carrying on pretty much as usual. The quiet patch after Easter is coming to an end and April 13th brought lots of regal activity to keep everyone interested. Here's the day summed up in five royal photos.

The royal children of Belgium, plus cute pet dog, declared the spring season at Laeken open with a brand new photo of them posing in the grounds. The royal vaults at the palace are open from April 15th to May 6th and to remind everyone we got this picture of Elisabeth, Gabriel, Emmanuel and Eleonore looking very spring like themselves with lots of pinks and greens.

This princess is about to pop. With just days, possibly, to go until the newest member of Sweden's Royal Family arrives, Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip attended a board meeting of their Foundation at the Royal Palace. Sofia sat down, very wisely, and was all in black as her baby bump took over. She has the look of a lady about to become a mummy and this could well be the final glimpse we get of her before she welcomes her arrival. Good luck, that princess.

One day he will be a king, but as he took part in a seminar about learning Crown Prince Haakon Magnus reminded us all that even royalty is just one small part of a huge, complex world. As he stood up to speak at the festival of learning, he was pictured against a photo of the Earth taken from space. 
(photo Royal Court Norway)

Sometimes, being on trend can be awkward especially when you are a queen. Letizia of Spain clearly loves her leather trousers complete with zip and cut off legs but it's not clear whether anyone else does. Pairing them with a formal red jacket for an audience in Madrid, she left us all wondered whether it's time for a spring clean of her wardrobe - even if it only involves this pair of trousers taking a long walk somewhere.

Prince Henrik of Denmark announced a scaling back of his royal duties earlier this year but he was very much present as the State Visit from Mexico got under way on April 13th. The Prince Consort was at the side of Queen Margrethe II for the arrivals, the official photos and the State Dinner where he sat with the President of Mexico. It gives a clearer idea of what Henrik will be up to now that he is cutting back and is a fitting way to toast 5 royal photos that told the story of April 13th 2016.

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