Thursday, 28 April 2016

A near miss for Sophie

The Countess of Wessex  realises she's had a near miss while trying out her skills on a visit to England Hockey at Bisham Abbey today

It was close. You could tell from the Countess of Wessex's face that she'd had a near miss. As Sophie took to the pitch to show off her hockey skills on a visit to Bisham Abbey she came really very close indeed to taking out a couple of royal photographers. We're told they laughed it off.

Sophie's smile - the Countess of Wessex enjoying a spot of hockey today

The wayward shot came as Sophie met up with England's women and men's hockey teams as they held practice sessions at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre. Sophie is patron of England Hockey. She's held the role for ten years this year but this is the first time she's come close to wiping out spectators as she cheered the organisation on.

She shoots, she scores, she aims again - Sophie, Countess of Wessex loved her time on the hockey pitch today

The practice session saw Sophie test her skills against the men's team and, near miss aside, it went very well. She wasn't the only member of her family taking to the sporting field today as her husband tried his hand at rowing and archery and that was all before lunch.

The Earl of Wessex tries to keep up with his wife's sporting prowess on a day of bows, oars and hockey sticks

Edward was taking part in special events marking the 60th anniversary of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards and stepped up to fire a few arrows as they day went on. When Sophie tried archery a few years ago, she missed the target and pulled pretty much the same face as she did today when her hockey shot went awry, She might not be top of the class for sporting success but when it comes to effort, it's ten out of ten every time for Sophie.

Photos: England Hockey Facebook and The Royal Family Instagram.

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