Saturday, 2 April 2016

A clue to Sofia's due date?

Her diary is looking rather clear right now which could be the biggest hint so far of the actual due date for Princess Sofia's baby. We know that she and hubby, Prince Carl Philip, have great expectations for April but there are thirty whole days to pick from so any help narrowing it down is welcome. And as Sofia headed to hospital on Thursday (stand easy, it was a public engagement) a look ahead to what else this princess has planned for the coming weeks gave as big a clue int as any as to when we might meet the new fifth in line to the throne of Sweden.

Princess Sofia making what could well be her last public appearance before the birth of her baby

Because after that outing on March 31st there is nothing scheduled for Sofia. Which could well mean an early April arrival. Or not, first babies are notoriously hard to predict so even if this prince or princess is meant to arrive around now they might keep mum waiting for up to a fortnight. Princess Sofia seemed quite chilled about it all as she donned scrubs for her latest engagement but then just recently she said she wasn't nervous about the coming weeks, just excited to meet her baby.

Sofia in scrubs - the princess learns about the care provided in the Sophia Hospital

She was visiting the Sophia Hospital in Stockholm, one of the oldest private medical establishments in the city. It opened up in 1889 and is named after Queen Sophia who was consort to King Oscar II who just got his very own 21st century namesake in the shape of 2016's first Swedish royal baby, the son of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel.

The next time we see Sofia she will probably have a baby in her arms

Queen Sophia founded a school of nursing in 1884 to raise standards of healthcare - she based it on the establishments of Florence Nightingale set up in London in the 1860s. A training hospital soon followed and now the non profit organisation helps develop medical knowledge and care in the country.  Sofia became Honorary President of Sophiahemmet in January this year and her latest engagement involved a tour of the hospital and the surgical wards and a chance to see some of the latest technology being used.

Princess Sofia at the Sofia Sisters Awards earlier this year

Sofia is currently on the list for those expected at the gala events to celebrate King Carl XVI Gustaf's 70th birthday at the end of the month but then as they are huge celebrations for the whole Swedish Royal Family we'd expect to see her name there and if she's just had a baby no one is going to be standing over her with a tiara and evening gown expecting her to head out and smile.  All we do know is that between then and now, there is nothing scheduled for the princess so she can put her feet up and relax as she gets ready for Sweden's latest royal baby. Good luck, Sofia.


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