Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Harry and the Boss

Just a few weeks ago we learned that Prince George calls the Queen 'Gan-Gan' and now it's been revealed that his uncle and the man who he replaced as third in line to the throne has a different name for her. To Prince Harry, she's the boss.

Harry and his boss - the prince points to the Queen while on a trip to New Zealand
(photo Governor General New Zealand Twitter)

Prince Harry revealed that he still pinches himself when he finds himself face to face with Elizabeth II. He told a BBC programme that is being shown on the Queen's 90th birthday that ''I still view her more as the Queen than my grandmother. You have this huge amount of respect for your boss and I always view her as my boss, but occassionally as a grandmother.''

The Queen in a new image taken from a BBC One programme to be shown on her 90th birthday
(photo BBC Pictures)
The quotes from the programme, Elizabeth at 90 - A Family Tribute, were made public as Harry was laying a wreath on behalf of the Queen at a special service at Westminster Abbey held to remember those killed in the 2015 Tunisia terror attacks. The prince also gave a reading at the service and met some of the survivors and families of those killed.

Harry, like many other members of the Royal Family, often attends events in which he represents his grandmother so the comments coming on the same day showed the different levels of the relationship between them.

The programme also features a moving interview with the Princess Royal in which she explains that her mother really didn't want any public celebrations in September 2015 when she became the longest reigning monarch in British history, Princess Anne tells the BBC One show that for the Queen, that day was another reminder of the loss of her own father, George VI. The princess says that 'people tend to forget that when she passed the longest reigning monarch, that was only because her father died so young.'

The Princess Royal in the BBC One show marking her mother's 90th birthday
(photo BBC One)

The show, to be broadcast on April 21st as the Queen reaches her record birthday and months of celebrations get well and truly under way, features interviews with six members of the Royal Family and some rare archive footage of videos taken by the Royal Family. Plus a very reverential prince called Harry.

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