Sunday, 3 April 2016

A moving week for Mathilde and Philippe

Away from the intense gaze that fell on them in the immediate aftermath of the Brussels attacks of March 22nd, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of the Belgians have spent their week visiting some of the injured in hospital. The images from these visits are filled with calm, and peace, and poignancy and show the ongoing efforts to rebuild following the devastation that left 32 people dead.

Queen Mathilde on April 1st when she visited some of those injured in the Brussels attacks

On March 29th, the Belgian King and Queen spent time at three hospitals visiting those who are recovering from injuries sustained in the blasts which hit Brussels International Airport and Maelbeek Metro station.

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde talk to some of the medical experts looking after victims of the Brussels attacks during one of several visits they made to hospitals this week

During their visits to the Jan Portaels Hospital, the Brussels University Hospital and the University Hospital of Saint Pierre in Brussels they met doctors, nurses and support staff who have been caring for victims as well as some of those injured.

On Friday April 1st, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde visited another three hospitals between them. The royal couple first headed to the St Michel Hospital in Brussels before Queen Mathilde spent time at the Stuyvenberg Hospital in Antwerp and King Philippe visited the Loverval Hospital in Charleroi.

The King and Queen of the Belgians comforting one of those recovering from their injuries

The Belgian royals also said, on their website, that now that the first funerals of victims have begun to take place their thoughts are with all those who are left to mourn as well as with those recovering from injuries. It has been a moving week for Mathilde and Philippe and for their fellow country men and women.

Photos: Palais Royale

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