Friday, 22 April 2016

Prince George and President Obama

He'll be shaking hands with heads of states for decades to come but the first time Prince George held a royal audience was a very special moment. The little king in waiting met Barack Obama at Kensington Palace as the US President and his wife popped in for dinner with his mum, dad and uncle Harry. And like the well brought up prince he is, he said thank you for a rather special present.

Prince George of Cambridge shakes hands with the President of the United States of America at Kensington Palace on April 22nd 2016

George got to do what every kid wants to do - come downstairs and see what is going on when mum and dad have people round for the evening, Wearing super smart blue stripey pyjamas and a very white dressing gown he nervously said hello to his parents' guests. The first of many handshakes with US Presidents then followed. And then it was time to play.

Kate helps George play with the rocking horse given to him by the Obamas

It's always good to show friends that you like the presents they have given you so George headed over to the rocking horse the Obamas had offered him for his first birthday and had a great little play before bedtime. Mum Kate was on hand to soothe and clap as her son threw himself into the game.

Prince George wins his mum's approval as he shows off how much he loves his rocking horse

And then it was off to bed as mum and dad sat down for a chat and a spot of supper with their guests and Harry. There were lots of royal appearances through the day but April 22nd is now the date that Prince George, future king, first met a President of the United States of America. A royal audience for the photo albums.

Photos: Kensington Palace Twitter.

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