Sunday, 24 April 2016

Letizia's Looks

After a quiet start to the year, suddenly Queen Letizia of Spain is everywhere. In the past week. we've seen more of this queen than we did for big chunks of January and lots of Letizia means lots of looks. We've had a big range of styles from this style icon in the past even days so here's a look back at the looks of Letizia.

Queen Letizia of Spain in one of the four looks she gave us this past week

Perhaps the most eye catching was the dress worn for a congress on rare diseases in Madrid - the subject is one of Letizia's big passions and she has done quite a lot of high profile work on it in the past. For this engagement, which included a speech by the Queen of Spain, she chose a grey dress with nude coloured Peter Pan collar and matching bag and shoes.

It's certainly a modern and fresh look but there is something about this colour combination which doesn't quite work. The nude accessories are just a but too pale.

It is a brave attempt at mixing winter with spring but while the shape and the cut are rather nice, and Letizia's hair in curls is always a winner, the shoes, bag and collar are a bit of a miss.

Letizia has never shied away from being on trend and earlier in the week we'd got a 2016 take on the tux as she presented literature awards in Madrid.

The black trousers and waistcoat style top have an eighties vibe about them making them even more fashion forward and the stud effect on the shoulders is leading the way as well.

It looks sharp and chic and Letizia wears it well. The shoes don't quite match and the brilliant bob hair is always missed. But overall, this is the Queen of Spain doing style queen rather well.

There was no missing Letizia in the red outfit she chose for an audience and then a lunch to mark the presentation of this year's Cervantes prize in Madrid. Red alerts all round as the Spanish royal sees scarlet.

This only just misses being overload. The dress itself is elegant although the peplum might not have been the best idea anyone ever had. The shoes are great and a good solid block of colour never did anyone any harm.


The red lipstick is taking us very near the just too much category. Letizia can wear this strong shade and with her hair back it looks great until we add in all the red underneath by which time we all need a bit of a sitdown. Hat tip for gold earrings which made sure the outfit featured Spain's national colours.

There was more colour from Letizia for the presentation of the Cervantes Prize the day afterwards. While Felipe looked very formal, his queen chose a royal blue dress and jacket that looked very good indeed.

The dress, with its black line in the middle as a feature point, looked sharp and elegant while the perfectly matched jacket added a bit of shape and movement to the look. 
Add in some perfectly paired shoes and Letizia ended her week on a high. Four looks, one queen, and a royal fashion leader back in action.

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