Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Royal Weddings: the Duchess of Cambridge's jewellery

Before you get excited, there are no tiaras here. There will be another post all about the sparkling diamonds that Kate wore to become a duchess tomorrow. This is about the other jewellery worn on her wedding day - the rings and earrings.  The wedding ring was about as traditional as they come. A thin band of gold that now sits beneath her famous engagement ring.

It was made from a nugget of Welsh gold, just like every other royal wedding ring since the marriage of the Queen Mother and King George VI in 1923.

Kate wore her engagement ring on her right hand through the ceremony to save jewellery juggling when it came to the big moment. But by the time she got to the reception, the sapphire and diamonds had joined the Welsh gold on her left hand.

Kate's earrings were a gift from her parents to her for her wedding and they are highly symbolic as well as being a very personal present.

They were designed around a theme of oaks and acorns which had been part of the family's coat of arms and tied in with the very English country garden theme of the wedding. There are diamond oak leaves at the top of the piece with a drop containing a diamond set acorn in each earrings.

There is lots of movement in these and they were big enough to be noticed without being overwhelming. The earrings, by Robinson Pelham, also went well with the tiara and meant that Kate Middleton walked into Westminster Abbey to become a royal duchess with diamonds of her own to add to her regal jewellery box. Quite appropriate for a royal wedding.

You can find all the posts about William and Kate's wedding on the special Royal Weddings page here.

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