Thursday, 7 April 2016

Red, mauve and yellow for Queen Sonja in Italy

The first days of State Visits are usually appearance heavy so it's never a surprise when the involve a lot of different outfits in a very short space of time. On day one of their trip to Italy, King Harald and Queen Sonja packed in plenty of engagements and the Norwegian consort had packed plenty of dresses to mix things up on a busy day. Sonja in Rome was all about red, mauve and yellow.

Queen Sonja of Norway with her husband, King Harald V, and the President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Laura Boldrini, on day one of the royal couple's State Visit to Italy

The Queen of Norway started the day in a smart red two piece suit with matching hat as she and her husband arrived for a ceremonial welcome from President Sergio Mattarella at the Quirinale Palace in Rome. Harald and Sonja were greeted by the President and his daughter before the traditional playing of their two country's national anthems and an inspection of the guard.

There was a chance for chat inside and then the four stars of the show posed for photographs and headed off for more discussions. And we got a chance for a closer look at Sonja's outfit which included a lot of textures - raised dots on the jacket with a neat little raffia pleat effect on the top of the hat - even if it did look slightly air hostess from a distance.

The red had gone by the time we saw Sonja again a few hours later. As she arrived for meeting with the President of the Italian Senate, Pietro Grasso, and the President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Laura Boldrini, the queen was in a very springlike suit and looking really rather nice.

The pale lemon dress and white jacket were a perfect match for each other and for April in Rome while the standout necklace did its job and stood out giving a focal point and making sure the colours didn't merge into each other.

The evening saw a State Dinner at the Quirinale Palace and a third colour for Sonja as she made a move for the mauve in an evening dress that no one is going to be able to miss.

This isn't everyone's cup of tea - a bit fussy in places and the colour is a bit of a crowd divider - but it is very regal and real royal statement dressing. Day two is just as busy for the Norwegian royals as they attend a seminar, meet more politicians and end the day at a reception hosted by their country's ambassador in Italy. Stand by for more colour and class from Queen Sonja.

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