Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Koningsdag 2016: what Maxima wore

Given how cold it was on this late April day, she could have been forgiven for digging her biggest coat out of the wardrobe, adding a scarf and shivering away like everyone else. In the end, Maxima, style icon extraordinaire, gave us a spring like look that did fashion forward and almost warm all at the same time. It wasn't up there with her stellar outfit of last year but this queen was still in the pink for King's Day 2016.


The shade of lipstick pink worn by the Queen of the Netherlands for the day of events in Zwolle marking her husband's birthday was rather similar to the stunner she chose in 2015. Last year, her whole dress was in the stand out shade. In 2016, it was bit more spread out.

We started with a jumper and cardigan which added layers of warmth and gave an informal feel to this outfit. In fact, close up it was almost too casual and in some shots she looked like she'd got ready for a quiet lunch and then remembered what was going on and added a hat. The thing about this pink is you need to see the whole deal at the same time to get the wow factor.

Because the big head turner in this ensemble is the fifties style skirt. There's nothing not to love about the shape, design and cut of this little beauty. We've got bold prints, we've got volume, we've got length, we've got a total winner.

The pink shoes match it to perfection and from a distance this is a classic waiting to happen. I was just left wanting a little jacket or a tailored top to set it off to perfection.

And then we have the hat. It's the perfect style for the skirt and maybe matching all the pinks together might have been a bit overboard but against the grey skies it got a little bit lost which is something no one ever thought they'd say about a Maxima hat.

We also got a huge black shawl at one point, which is totally understandable given that it was icy cold and Queen Maxima was out and about for hours.

Overall, this is another winner of a look for King's Day from Maxima but after last year's crowning glory, this was always going to be a difficult outfit because it would be hard to come close to the perfection of 2015. But King's Day 2016's outfit still merits a round of applause, if only because Maxima made a cardigan look regal and didn't shiver once while wearing it.

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