Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Royal Visit India, Day Three - Kate the artist

Day three of Royal Visit India was all about extremes. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went from one of the poorest parts of New Delhi to its power centre, from the hustle and bustle of this huge city to the calm and wild expanse of a national park. There was colour and there was clamour - Royal Visit India is making its presence felt.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on day three of their tour of India
(photo Kensington Royal Instagram)

Day three started in a poor, sometimes forgotten corner of New Delhi. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were set to see the work of the Salaam Baalak Trust which provides urgent care and support for vulnerable children on the streets of the city. Its work is hard, the place it happens is tough and Kate and William walked into the middle of it.

They went to one of its centres near New Delhi's railway station to see the work it carries out with children who have just arrived and need support. They visited a shelter for young boys and they met some of those once helped by the Salaam Baalak Trust who now work as guides for the organisation, trying to find others who need support and guide them to the safety of the Trust. 

Kate has had a high profile working on mental health issues in the past few months and this part of Royal Visit India also included the chance to hear about how Salaam Baalak is working in that area as well.

And in the middle of it all, Kate sat down to a spot of art. As she spent time at the shelter, she crouched on a mat with some of those who have found themselves there and drew pictures alongside them. The royal work of art was a house - perhaps not the most sophisticated rendering you'll ever see but tidy and bright. It went down a storm.

From the tough conditions of the city's poorest streets, Kate and William moved on to the residence of the Prime Minister of India. Narendra Modi entertained the couple to lunch and we hit traditional royal tour territory with handshakes, photocalls and a visitor's book to be signed.  And royal tours are meant to be about trade to a certain extent - this lunch included chat about the current crisis affecting Tata and the UK steel industry.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also found time to meet with a group campaigning on women's issues before travelling to the region of Assam for the next leg of their tour.

After a colourful welcome, William and Kate headed off into the calm of the countryside but their welcome was anything but quiet. They travelled to the Kaziringa National Park where they will stay overnight before a day of engagements. On their arrival there was dancing, there were celebrations and there was even a campfire.

When Harry overnighted in the countryside of Nepal last month he chose to stay with a local family. William and Kate are sleeping at the luxurious Diphlu Lodge.

Day Four will throw the spotlight on wildlife issues and William is expected to speak about his ongoing campaign to end poaching and the illegal trades that go with it. Stand by for more colour as Royal Visit India continues apace.

And there is a page all about William and Kate in India here.

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