Royal Weddings: the Duchess of Cambridge's flowers

White and green. That's the memory that the wedding flowers of the Duchess of Cambridge leave. As the fifth anniversary of Kate and William's wedding approaches, it's time to look back at some of the moments and memories that made the day and what's remembered about the flowers is lots of white and lots of green.

The bouquet was made up of lots of different flowers but with lily of the valley dominating. Kate is understood to have made use of the 'language of flowers', a popular way in Victorian times of expressing feelings without speaking. The main flower in her bouquet stands for trustworthy.

The other blooms in the posy had meanings too. There were hyacinths which stand for the constancy of love as well as ivy which represents fidelity, marriage and affection.

There was also a traditional sprig of myrtle, the flower that is used in all royal wedding bouquets since Queen Victoria said 'I do' to Prince Albert in 1840. Myrtle means hope and love and is a symbol of marriage.

But perhaps the most symbolic flower for the bride and groom was Sweet William, sprinkled through the bouquet.  Its meaning was perhaps less important that its name in its selection for the bouquet - in the language of flowers it means gallantry.

It was praised at the time for its ecological credentials - everything was grown locally so there were no expensive plane journeys to make sure her flowers looked perfect on her wedding day.  It was also in chime with the country garden feel of Westminster Abbey - yes, that means those trees.  And it was also rather similar to the small bouquet chosen by Grace Kelly on her wedding day - perhaps another way the Duchess of Cambridge took inspiration from this royal bride.

Like all royal bouquets since 1923, it was later placed on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Westminster Abbey. The Queen Mother was the first royal bride to do this, laying her flowers there at her wedding in memory of her brother, Fergus, who was killed in World War One. Kate's flowers were taken there after the wedding and balcony appearance and laid in memory of all those who have lost their lives in conflict.

Kate's bouquet wasn't a classic - most people remember it for being rather small and very pale.  It needed a bit more volume and a bit more height to make it truly regal. But they are still pretty and delicate and very in keeping with the whole wedding look. One more reason to remember the day that Kate married William.

Photo credit: Defence Images via Flickr