Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The Queen at 90: in the pink on the eve of the big day

The sun shone, there were flowers and there was singing. It was about as good as a birthday can get and this isn't even the big day itself so it's no wonder that the Queen was in the pink as she prepared to mark a milestone.

The Queen in Windsor on the eve of her 90th birthday
(photo British Monarchy Instagram)

On the eve of her 90th birthday, Elizabeth II spent the day in Windsor, the town that gave her royal house its name.
She helped celebrate the anniversary of an organisation with royal in its name before visiting a park named after her great grandmother. And throughout it all, dressed in bright pink, the smiles kept coming.

First on the agenda was a visit to the Royal Mail sorting centre in Windsor as the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh helped the postal service mark its 500th anniversary.

As the day got under way, a new set of stamps featuring the Queen and the three men who will follow her on the throne had been released and just in case she'd forgotten what they looked like, Elizabeth II was given another view of them on this stop.

She was also treated to the first rendition of 'Happy Birthday' sung for her publicly as her big day approaches. The Royal Mail choir, all in black, did the honours and even added hand movements at the end.  The Queen looked rather impressed.

Then it was off to Alexandra Park in the town to officially name a new bandstand. And as this engagement was linked to music, there was no way anyone was leaving without at least one song.

In fact, there was lots of singing from local schoolchildren and lots of sunshine which is just what the birthday Queen looked like she wanted. 

The bandstand itself contains plaques paying tribute to the work of the Armed Forces - there are six, each featuring an important moment for the forces in each of the decades of the Queen's long reign.

Then it was back to Windsor Castle for a rest before the big day itself dawns. On April 21st 2016, the Queen becomes the first British monarch to celebrate a 90th birthday. It will be another day on which she writes her name into the history books and the party is already under way.

There is a special page about the Queen at 90 here.

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