Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Harry on Invictus

Prince of Radios - Harry appeared on Radio 2 this morning to talk about the Invictus Games
(photo @BBCRadio2 Twitter)

It was billed as a double dose of ginger as the red headed prince headed to the BBC Radio 2 studios to talk to Chris Evans who is almost as famous for his hair colour as Harry.  This clash of the titians was all in a good cause as Prince Harry gave us an update on the Invictus Games with just days to go until the second event gets under way in Florida.

Prince Harry announcing that the second Invictus Games would take place in Florida in May 2016 - today he was on BBC Radio 2 to talk about the event

Speaking on the Breakfast Show, Harry told Chris Evans that the event would be epic as well as epic fun but that it wouldn't just be about the military. He said it was now a big deal for civilians as well and anyone who needed a lift in life would take inspiration from Invictus.  And he spoke about the psychological traumas suffered by many - Harry helped launch the Heads Together initiative alongside William and Kate earlier this week, trying to bring a new focus on mental health issues.

Harry, Kate and William launch Heads Together which aims to 'change the conversation' about mental health issues
(photo Heads Together Twitter)

Harry spoke movingly about how important it was to him that the Games were a platform for those taking part to get back the lives they want. And he shared some of the inspirational stories that had pushed those watching to try and achieve more themselves.  David Wiseman, captain of the 2014 British team, said the whole experience last time round had been fantastic and seeing the Games come to life was one of the best days of his life.

Prince Harry at the inaugural Invictus Games in London in September 2014
(photo Invictus Games)

The prince's passion for the Games was clear all the way through but it wasn't all serious. We got Harry doing breaking news snippets and the prince played along with other regular games, revealing he liked red rather than white wine, Strictly not Bake Off and always slings rather than slides if you want to know.

Prince Harry with the UK Invictus team who will be heading to Florida in a few days time
(photo Kensington Royal Instagram)

Chris Evans is no stranger to royalty - it's not that long since he was chatting with the Duchess of Cornwall about literacy and he put Harry on the spot about those other presenters currently winning regal favour asking him to choose between Ant and Dec. After a lot of deliberations, Ant was the winner.

The Cartoon Duchess - Camilla starred in an animated trailer for the 500 Words competition that she helped judge and which ran on BBC Radio 2

Harry heads to Florida at the start of May for the games and in his interview he urged everyone to get behind Invictus wherever they are. He said it was all about giving those taking place the respect they deserve and made it clear, in today's BBC interview, that he will be all the teams' biggest fan this time round.

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