Thursday, 21 April 2016

The Queen at 90: Elizabeth of Windsor

The Queen has been cheered by thousands of people in Windsor as she marks her 90th birthday. Elizabeth II is the first British monarch to reach this milestone and she was surrounded by wellwishers as she made her first public appearance on this special day.

Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh in Windsor on April 21st 2016

The streets of Windsor were lined from late last night as people queued to get the best place in town to see the Queen on her birthday. There were flags, there were balloons and there was lots of singing - the party started early in Windsor as the Queen turned 90.  And the birthday royal didn't keep anyone waiting - the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh stepped out into the sunshine just after noon.

The reception was huge. During the walkabout in Windsor the Queen was handed flowers, cards and presents and the people who wanted to see her on her special day just kept on coming.

To make sure everyone got a glimpse, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh climbed into an open topped car and drove through the streets. Not many 90 year olds and their 94 year old spouses do balancing in a moving car on their big day but the Queen seemed to enjoy every second.

There was also a cake, baked for the Queen by the winner of the Great British Bake Off, Nadiya Hussein. It was bright and zesty and the birthday royal seemed to love it with more smiles and jokes as the yellow icing was cut.

The Queen was all in green for this part of her 90th birthday with springlike flowers adorning her hat and a diamond brooch adding sparkle.

These special moments in the Queen's life were carried around the world as her 90th birthday caught the imagination of people everywhere. But the first big celebrations of the day took place on the doorstep of the Castle she loves to call home. On her big day, the world celebrated with Elizabeth II in Windsor.

There is a special page about the Queen at 90 here.

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