Thursday, 21 April 2016

The Queen at 90: in the beginning....

The Queen reaches 90 on April 21st, making her the first British monarch to reach this age. Her story began in 1926 in Mayfair where she was born, the first child of the then Duke and Duchess of York and third in line to the throne.

Although she was never expected to be Queen, the little princess caused a storm as royal baby mania took hold. Here's a look at Elizabeth II, the historic Queen, in the year she was born.

Before social media, official baby photos were released at a more sedate pace.  Portraits of Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary of York were shared by her proud parents including this image of a little royal with a big future in front of her.

Baby Elizabeth was named after her mother and the two of them appeared in a photo soon after the princess' birth. The sleeping royal holds her mum's finger while the first Elizabeth gazes tenderly at her daughter. 

George VI and his Queen Elizabeth were family focused royals and while their baby's christening was a big event, they appeared in this touching image on the day of parents and baby. It shows deep bond that held them all together. 

Of course, there was a formal christening photo with the baby who would be queen safely nestled in her mother's arms while a king and a future king, whose throne she would inherit, stand behind her.

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge wasn't the first royal to rock a vintage pram as this image from mid 1926 shows. Princess Elizabeth was photographers wrapped up very warm in her perambulator as she began to grow up in front of the gaze of a fascinated world.

Elizabeth of York soon began to grow bigger and this photo shows her as 1926 comes to an end, laughing as she enjoys a cuddle with her mother for a formal photo. The little princess was growing up fast - towards a destiny we celebrate this week.

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