Monday, 4 April 2016

6 Kate looks we need to see again

As Kate finishes her packing for the tour of India and Bhutan which starts this Sunday she's putting the finishing touches to a wardrobe that will be pored over, dissected and then put back together again many times in the coming weeks. We'll get some new looks, no doubt, but there are quite a lot of Kate clothes that we haven't seen that often that really need a repeat (there is nothing made of blue tweed in this list, ever). So as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge prepare for what's been described as their biggest tour to date, here are six Kate day looks that we need to see again.

Why has this dress only been worn once? It can't be because William said his wife looked like a banana in it. Firstly, she doesn't and secondly, even if she did, it's the most glamourous banana seen anywhere for a very long time. The Roksanda Ilincic yellow dress worn for her arrival in Sydney is easily one of Kate's best looks ever. 
(photo Auspic/ Commonwealth of Australia via Wiki Commons)

OK, it's so associated with her stroll by the Opera House that it will take getting used to in a different setting but although that thirty seconds will be hard, the end result - seeing the dress again - will be more than worth it. Everything crossed for a burst of this sunshine yellow again in India.

Number two on the list is another Australia look that has been conspicuous by its absence since then. This pale pink two piece by Alexander McQueen was worn for a trip to Elizabeth in Adelaide and while the location may have carried the names of queens, it was Kate who ruled in this sharp and chic suit that put a new twist on royal dressing. The cut and the colour are fabulous, the hair is fabulous, the accessories match to perfection and we can even forgive yet another appearance from those beige shoes that haven't been off her feet in five years. This is a repeat worth watching time and time again.

Kate was lovely in lace during her visit to Malaysia in 2012 which makes it a bit of a mystery why this delicate dress by Alice Temperley isn't more of a favourite in her Royal Wardrobe. This gorgeous gown was worn as the Duke and Duchess departed the country after their Diamond Jubilee tour and it really did see Kate leaving on a high.  The colour of the blue under dress is perfect for spring and the lace overlay is just beautiful. Personally, I love the hair swept up, it adds a touch of chic to the whole outfit. Let's just keep wishing this one has made it into the suitcases heading to India in a few days time.

This one I really want to see again. This dress, worn in September 2015, is about as elegant as they come and proved a total winner on its first outing for a high profile visit to a women's prison. Designers, The Fold, describe it as winter white though you could get away with calling it dove grey but either way it's elegant and sophisticated. OK, it's made of tweed but it's not blue tweed and it's probably too warm for a trip to India and Bhutan but it needs to be repeated very soon for everyone's sake. It's just very lovely indeed.

This pretty Jenny Packham dress has been worn since it first appeared in California in 2011 but at a wedding where we really didn't get a proper look. I do love a bit of yellow and grey together so this one was always going to be a winner for me but the print and shape of the dress has an edge to it suits Kate. Plus we got strappy sandals with it and Kate's shoe section is one part of her wardrobe that needs some fresh ideas. OK, we've had a more famous yellow mix dress by Jenny Packham in the intervening years (Lindo Wing 2015) but this one really needs to make its way out of the Royal Wardrobe again.

The burgundy lace Dolce and Gabbana worn during the Chinese State Visit in October 2015 was a real style statement from Kate. No one expected the Duchess of Cambridge to step out in this look - it was bold and confident and all the better for the surprise element. Is it day or evening wear though? That's a tricky one and it could easily do the old crossover trick that we all love when packing and we're trying to convince ourselves we're keeping things to a minimum. Saving space might not be an issue for Kate when it comes to her suitcases but if she's found room for this one on her trip to India and Bhutan then she'll make a lot of people smile.

Six days to go until we get to see what will become a very famous Royal Wardrobe indeed - check that suitcase, Kate and make us happy.  And there will be photos of all Kate's looks from India and Bhutan on a special page about the tour here.

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