Friday, 1 April 2016

Prince George gets gardening

He's got a lifetime of planting trees ahead of him so it's as well to start practising early. Prince George has been helping his granddad, Prince Charles, in the garden and it seems that this pair of kings in waiting have got the tree thing sorted.

Prince George has been learning all about gardening with his granddad

The Prince of Wales has told BBC Radio 4's Gardener's Question Time that his grandson is already developing green fingers. Speaking ahead of a special edition to be broadcast on April 1st at 3pm, Charles told the programme that he had encouraged George to help dig in a 'tree or two' at his Gloucestershire home and that the little prince had 'shovelled in the earth'.

It all sounds like good practice for some of the standard royal engagements that George will carry out over a lifetime. But Charles said he wanted to get his grandson out in the garden to encourage him to enjoy plants and that he hoped starting early would develop George's interest in gardening.

The interview also revealed that the Prince of Wales has been resdesigning some of his gardens to make them more child-friendly so when George and his sister, Charlotte, head to Dumfries House in Scotland they might just get to try out the maze that granddad has put in there. In a rather sweet revelation, Charles told how he loved mazes when young and tried to imagine what children today would like to see in a garden.

Prince George is surrounded by beautiful countryside in his homes and now granddad is making sure he enjoys them

But the big revelation is that the longest serving heir to the throne in British history has been helping his grandson learn to plant trees early on. George is digging in for a bright future.

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